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When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for The 99% of People to Dismiss the Executive, Economic and Psychological bonds which have connected them to The 1%, and to assume the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a decent respect for humankind requires that they should declare what motivates them to do so.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL people…including students, unemployed, under-employed, corporate captives, Cronies and Bureaucrats are created equal. And that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, amongst which are The Freedom To Live Freely, Think Creatively, Earn An Independent Living, and the Pursuit of Whatever Our Fickle Hearts Desire.

That to secure these rights, Executive, Economic and Educational Establishments are instituted amongst men and women. These establishments derive their powers from the consent of the people. Whenever The Establishments becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to reject and rebel against it.

It is also the Right of the People to cultivate a new economic, educational and lifestyle philosophy. It is also their Right to explore new paradigms for its foundation on the principles of personal freedom, independent thought and creative living.

The People are free to organize their lifestyles in a way that seems most likely to support their personal idea of Safety and Happiness, without interfering with the Safety and Happiness of others.

Realistic thinking dictates that old Establishments should not be changed for frivolous reasons. But, all experience has shown that humankind is more likely to suffer in silence, than to stand up for themselves by rejecting the economic and psychological bondage to which they have become accustomed to.

But when a long train of lies, manipulations and abuses against the people shows evidence that The Establishment plans to make slaves of them, it is their right and duty, to throw off such an Establishment, and to provide new a means for their future security.

Such has been the patient sufferance of this 99% of the population. And so we now find it necessary to alter our former Systems of Government. The history of the present Establishment is a history of repeated lies, injuries and offenses, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these People.

To prove this, let the facts be told.

* The Establishment has burdened the people with an insurmountable and ever increasing debt to a private bank, of which the likes shall be paid back by generations of yet unborn children in the form of heavy taxation and indentured servitude.

* The Establishment has allowed the manipulation of the people’s means for exchange (money), by private banks, in which the most rapid inflation of has almost rendered it useless. We are working harder, paying more, yet earning less due to The Establishments irresponsible monetary policies.

* The Establishment has chosen to use the money loaned to the people, by the private bank, to “bail out” other irresponsible private banks and corporations, leaving The 99% of People to pay back this debt with our already inflated, and yet difficult to earn, currency.

* The Establishment, through their irresponsible monetary policies, have NOT supported an economic recovery (as promised) but have instead deepened the depression, and continue to deepen it further, through increased debt and frivolous spending.

* The Establishment, instead of supporting an economic environment which has historically strengthened The People’s ability to trade fairly with one another, thus encouraging innovation while creating jobs, has instead chosen to pacify the people with meagre “stimulus” packages, humiliating entitlements and more bureaucracy.

* The Establishment continues to drive The People further into ignorance of their corruption and irresponsibility through systematic mental manipulations via The Establishment’s “educational systems”, media and relentless propaganda.

* The Establishment has even gone as far as to finance The People’s “education” though MORE personal debt and national debt through subsidized student loans for college which are to be paid back, if not by the citizen borrower, then by the citizen borrower’s children or great grandchildren, thus creating a lineage of economic slavery.

* The Establishments perpetual “education” and propaganda campaigns have not only deluded The People into economic slavery through various forms of debt, it has also manipulated us, through fear, into believing that a lifestyle marked by increasing personal debt through frivolous spending is not only admirable, but somehow a patriotic responsibility of The People.

* The Establishment’s monetary / economic policies, and systematic propaganda campaigns have manipulated the hearts, minds and therefore the actions of The People through fear. The fear of “the unknown”, instability, inadequacy, and of the inevitable truth of life that there is no such reality of which safety and security can be guaranteed without the restriction of freedoms, has all but rendered much of The People impotent to act creatively, aggressively and though their own volition.

Thus we find ourselves locked into the most inconspicuous and insidious form of slavery ever. A slavery that has not only been imposed upon us, but a slavery that many of us have resolved to protect and cling to. Until Now!

We have come to a time in history where the adage“The pen is mightier than the sword" has never held as much significance and power as it now does. As with all revolutions, it is the Word which spawns people into action. But unlike the actions of militias against standing armies, which would no doubt be quickly crushed in a bloody entanglement causing the unnecessary loss of life, the new revolution fought by the creative’s and intellectuals of this age will truly be fought with “the pen”.

With the measure of Free Speech still yet granted to the people, and though the newly established forms of communications, namely The Internet, we will reignite the idea of freedom and liberty that our Forefathers once fought, which has slowly been usurped by The Establishment.

We will not revolt with harsh words, complaints or demands, but with our actions. We will not act in physical violence against The Establishment, as we have already noted the futility of such actions, but in a nonviolent manner which kindly rejects the standards and workings of “The System”.

We will, however, use the resources yet afforded us to erect a campaign that will free The People of both economic and psychological slavery from The System.

We campaign for an ‘Alternative Future,’ which incorporates a ‘Share & Prosper’ philosophy. This is intended to empower The People with a means for earning an honest, sincere, trustworthy and comfortable living through whichever creative passions lie within their hearts.

It is the defining philosophy of this Campaign that every man and woman shall be free to live as they wish through the cultivation and dissemination of passionate, creative services offered towards their fellow citizens.

‘Freedom Friends’ are not solely motivated by amassing gigantic bank accounts, over-inflated with the Establishment’s degraded paper money in order to spend frivolously on meaningless consumer items or to stockpile cash for an imaginary retirement marked by laziness and wasteful luxuries.

Instead, ‘Freedom Friends’ seek to live with full integrity to their unique inner callings regardless of how well “the mass markets” choose to reward us. Integrity, creativity and simplicity of lifestyle are of more value to us than “silos filled with grain”. That said, ‘Freedom Friends’ will become highly skilled and resourceful in their ability to serve each other.

In this way, ‘Freedom Friends’ are in fact, more prepared to create a life of abundance and earn significant monetary rewards than Citizens who have chosen to support and work within “The System”. But either way, in wealth or modesty, we are more committed to the development of our skills and creativity than that of fattened bank accounts.

‘Freedom Friends’, through this Campaign, are creating a counter culture to that of the previous generations, in that we value economic freedom, free thought, and lifestyles that honour the sensitive human body rather than neurotic “rat racing” and competition that has proven to lead to sickness, depression and early death.

In short, the ‘Freedom Friends’ Campaign includes EVERYONE who strongly desires to earn an honest living and build a lifestyle around the cultivation of their creativity (everyone is creative, whether they believe it or not) and sharing their product or service with others of the same focus.

The ‘Freedom Friends’Campaign mission is to support The People with inspiration, motivation and dedication to make their dream of economic freedom and the lifestyle of creative integrity a reality



_____________________________    Date_____________

Dear New  ‘Freedom Friend’,

It’s a pleasure to have you on board with our Campaign For ‘Freedom Friends’. Our main objective is to encourage and educate our friends / family to become liberated from “the rat race” and realize their power to earn a great living and create a wonderful life doing only what they love most.

I will be providing you with all of the inspiration, insight and guidance to create your own  ‘Freedom Fund’ along with the lifestyle of your own choosing, I also encourage YOU to invite the people you love to join in on our quest to create a better world.

The best way to do this is by sharing THIS document (globally).

Available as a PDF downloadable file here



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