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When you're out & about and spot the #GPBIKE simply click on the QR code displayed on the #GPBIKE, or go here, and enter details. You'll get entered into the £25 weekly competition.

Win a FREE GREENPALS £25 coupon (limited to 1 coupon per person, total of 4 coupons issued per week). 



You'll find updates on the whereabouts and travels of the
GREENPALS COOPERATIVE bicycle on our Facebook page.

The main objective of the #GPBIKE  is to get people thinking a great deal more about Climate Change and to encourage immediate positive actions.

Remembering that the NET ZERO date is 2030! (The tipping point of NO RETURN!).

The #GPBIKE also reminds people of the growing problem of Social Unity and how working together can bring about real change. We feel that a synergstic approach is the best way to affect immediate and long lasting change.

Happy spotting and have yourself an exceptional day!


..."If you spot the #GPBIKE don't  forget to
honk your horn,ring your bell, or give us a wave!"


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